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LiveJournal Babyshower

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This community is here for baby shower ideas, online or LJ Babyshowers (they can also be arranged here), baby shower links and resources, baby shower stories, and pics (must remain on topic though!).
This community can also be used for lj friends and family members to find your links to your wish list, registry, ect.

LiveJournal Baby Showers:
  • Bi-monthly we will draw a username to recieve her LJ Babyshower. She will then post her snail mail addy (I suggest doing this Friends Only).
  • Participating members(those who choose to be included in the LJ BabyShower part of our community are the participating members) will then send her her gifts! We are not going to have a price limit, everyone should just spend the amount of money that they can afford and feel comfy with. The gifts will serve as a little something to show that her little one will be happily welcomed into the world!
  • All members who wish to submit their username for a shower, please fill out the LJ Babyshower form and post!
    (I used the terms HER and SHE but that doesn't mean expectant Dads cannot join in!)

  • All new members must fill out a survey.

    *Expectant Members*
    Due date:
    Baby's sex- if known:
    Nursery theme(optional):
    Links to registry*s* and/or wish list*s*:
    Anything else?

    *Non Expectant Members*
    Reason*s* you are joining?:
    Do you know anyone who is expecting?:
    If "yes" how are you related to this person*s*?:
    Anything else?

    *LJ Babyshower Form* (This has been changed to submit this in a post as the other surveys.)
    Expecting parent:
    How are you related to this person*s*?
    Anything else?

    Your Mods-
    _truly, dceivdbydarknes, and dullan

    Email one of us:_truly- killedbyjoy@netscape.net; dceivdbydarknes- chaoticliiusion@netscape.net; dullan- miiya@hotmail.com. Make the subject "LJ Babyshower" please!